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Mary Disharoon

Welcome to my website. I am a licensed psychotherapist, practicing for over 18 years in Petaluma, California, in Sonoma County.

Are you at a point in your life where you want or need something more for yourself?

Do you have a fairly clear understanding of what that is? Would you like a chance to lay it all out and talk about it with someone who will engage you in a conscious conversation?

Or, do you feel confused and uncertain, and you’d like to sort out your thoughts and feelings with someone who will support you to discover for yourself what you want?

I can help you find your way through this time of transition, whether you are full of clarity or confusion.

It might be something in the past that needs to be worked through and resolved. It might be something in the present that is unsatisfying and needs to be understood and changed. It might be something in the future that you'll come to recognize and pursue. It might be something in your soul that needs your attention so you can express your vitality for life.

My style is to be kind and creative in an engaging and interpersonal way. I will get to know you as the unique person you are, and together we will discover how the changes you are seeking can be realized.

Please consider calling (707) 484-4541 or emailing today!