Voice Dialogue


We are made of many parts, yet few of us live into the potential that is offered by this inner wealth.

This is primarily because, as we grow up, we receive messages about what is acceptable and we cut off from parts of ourselves that are not. We are born with natural capabilities, so we perceive less need to develop others sides of ourselves. And painful and traumatic experiences can shut us off from parts too.

Voice Dialogue is a type of “parts work” that will give you a way to explore your inner terrain and experience the richness of who you are. In addition, it will help you develop an expanding capacity to stay present in life so you can appreciate the different parts of who you are, but not be run by them.

This type of inner work creates an unfolding process of transformation that will help you feel more balanced, compassionate, empowered and whole.

To learn more, please call (707) 484-4541 or email me at marydish@gmail.com